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The internet has created incredible opportunities for businesses to communicate.
Lets start a two-way conversation with your clients.

Why do I write and ghost write for business owners?

For almost 20 years, I’ve worked with new and expanding businesses. I have read, revised or fully written thousands of business plans, advertising pieces, articles, proposals and in the last decade blogs, posts, web content, LinkedIn bio’s, ‘About’ pages etc. There are three common factors among clients – they don’t fancy themselves great writers, they have no time to write themselves and the biggie -- they just don’t know what to write.

I can’t dance and I don’t cook but I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I pursued an education in creative writing and media and a career in small business marketing. We all have our passions and skillsets. Writing and crafting stories are mine.

Small business owners know their business inside and out but even just getting it down on paper or up on the screen is tough and time consuming for them – never mind doing it well! I get that. And I step into their shoes and write well on their behalf.

What size shoes do you wear?

Let's Work Together!

What my Clients are Saying

  • Sandy Abbott

    For well over a decade Alison Davies has been helping small businesses launch their marketing and social media campaigns. As a fellow entrepreneur, she understands that money and time can be scarce. Alison offers a practical and individualized communication approach to help you attract and engage your customer.

  • Sarah DitmarsTrenton Golden Hawks Junior A Hockey Club

    Alison met with us and came up with a strategy to write our proposal. In order to be awarded hosting privileges all submissions must complete a long list of requirements from the letter of intent to the nitty-gritty details of the business plan, marketing plan and financial plan. Alison wrote with such detail that it made it easy for the committee to check off all of the requirements...we were awarded to host the 2017 Dudley-Hewitt Cup Championship. ...Without her help in writing, planning and organizing we would have not been successful.

  • Mike WhitemanSt. Lawrence College

    Ali has always been able to take a look at my draft marketing materials and make them better.    Her revisions and suggestions always made the message more effective.

  • Cheryl BoreckyGo Active Fitness

    Alison was a critical piece to my success as a small business start-up. Her creativity, ability to think critically, and her years of experience helped form and shape my ideas for marketing, programming and developing the business as a whole. Three years into business and Alison is still the most valuable person to reach out to for business advice.

  • Dana GoodfellowQuinte Mind & Body

    As a small business owner, always seeking new ideas and growth opportunities, Alison quickly became a pivotal person I would turn to. Her forward thinking and creative mind never stops flowing with great ideas. Every meeting we have together produces momentum in my business and inspiration to make new goals happen. Alison always goes above and beyond to help where she can. I look forward to every time I get to work with her because I know the outcome will be great!